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Too Busy to Grow Up, Too Small to Keep Up?

In the real world, the IT changes and upgrades you could have completed when everyone had time will probably show up as problems when things are going really well. When your marketing bears fruit, the sales guys close deals, and everyone is productive, life is otherwise good. Except that the whole company is at full throttle just to fulfill expectations. The last thing you have time for now is the detail you needed to pay attention to when you had other things going. Growing the business to get through this is going to involve taking care of upgrades, changes, and work that’s going to be needed to keep bad things from happening, and more importantly, to keep good things happening.

This is where judicious application of a specific set of skills from a professional IT consultant will help do what needs done – the process details that you can’t get to because you are busy working for the company. There are better times this kind of work could happen, but the critical time is when things are going well for your company, when the revenues are there and you want them to stay. Except nobody has the time, skills or resources. There are three ways a professional IT consultant can help you grow from here.

First, you can think about how they can assist you in making the right decisions regarding business technology. They will understand your goals and bring the detailed knowledge of best practices and systems right into your office and tell you what will or won’t get you where you need to be. You don’t want to trust someone who’s barely got the time to come to an easy answer, let alone the right one, just to move it off his desk. To have their whole attention on the project, your person needs help to do regular work, or help to do the project, but they really can’t do both.

Second, they can help you plan changes and help get them done. The best IT consultants will bring not only their own expertise, but they will also know about the people needed to get it done, or have them on staff, and can help to predict what it will cost.

Third, you need to have real accountability – someone focused on the project and fully accountable to you, as your go-to when you need to know. They won’t be tied up with daily emergencies your IT person has to deal with just to keep things together.

Here are a few additional resources to assist with your decision in choosing the right IT consultant for your needs: