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March Madness: The Ultimate Juggling Act

During the month of March, a spell is cast on college basketball fans across the country. What’s so special about this time of year in the college sports world? Well, you would have to be living under a rock to not know that March Madness is a super sports event where millions flock to cheer their favorite college teams on to a championship victory! As for the organizers of this huge undertaking, they must have the ability to juggle several balls at once.

Source: http://www.bankrollsports.com/picks-images/march-madness-picks.jpg

Obviously, March Madness has been a successful event and occasion, so it is clear that a group of pros are large and in-charge. Timing and coordination are key factors in bringing this event to fruition, up until the last second buzzer. They must deal with a series of tournaments that have to begin and end like clockwork. While legions of fans march in and out of these arenas, the coordinators must have a definite and clear understanding of what the fans of each performing team require. Not only does this require experience, but lots of preparation as well. These teams will play in the same venue for a few days, and event coordinators must assure the seating of fans together for each specific school. Seating signs will identify where school team fans should sit and must be changed after each game.

In order to make this event flow and run like a well-oiled machine, several methods must be utilized. Event coordinators should learn as much as they can about the performing teams and what their fans expect. They must be capable of scheduling the facility, specifically, luxury box suites and meeting rooms. There is arena management software that can make the job easier by handling staff scheduling, selling sponsorships, attracting suite holders and season patrons, managing event day services and much more. Over the course of these games, it is vital to have peak staffing available to handle different facets of the event day.

The planning and scheduling around the sporting venue is important, but just as important is the coordinator’s ability to make contact with each school. Based upon the institutions’ experience with their own fan base, they can provide crucial information concerning fans that travel to the games to render their support, ticket distribution and communicating with alumni. College staff members are especially knowledgeable about how to pull lots outside support and make it advantageous to the overall event.

By utilizing as many arena management tools as possible, coordinators of March Madness can create a calm flow of what looks like total insanity.