Run With The Big Dogs: Three Ways to Make Your Small Business Shine

At the heart of all entrepreneurship is the spirit of an adventurer. Defined, it is the ability to take a chance on your ideas and gamble that it will be a success. While many of these ventures succeed, a great number of them also fail.

Small businesses today operate in a fiercely competitive economy. In order to stay on top of your game, it is necessary to focus on key aspects that nurture success. Using the following three tips, you can implement practical strategies that will ensure that your efforts are well rewarded.

Tip #1 – Have a smart marketing strategy.

Great marketing does not always have to cost a fortune. Small businesses struggle to establish an identity on par with their larger counterparts. Having a smaller budget means that it becomes more vital to advertise and promote with focus.

It starts with developing a marketing plan that outlines specific goals. You must have a direction in which to follow. A good plan doesn’t have to be complicated, it just needs to address the following:

  • Who your target is – Research who your client is and what their interests are
  • Decide on a media and track your results – Print ads, internet marketing, social media, direct mail, mobile media, and publicity marketing are all avenues to explore.
  • Develop a budget – Know how much you can spend and what kind of return on investment you need to see in order to stay profitable

Tip #2 – Outsource your technology needs to a reliable technical support company.

For any small business, reliability is essential. However, an in-house IT person can carry a heavy price tag. For this reason, it makes sense to contract with a company that offers troubleshooting, operating solutions and data security. It gives you the same advantage that larger companies are able to enjoy, but at a fraction of the cost.

Professional technical support companies should offer all of the following:

  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Installation, upgrades and configuration
  • System protection from malicious malware and viruses
  • Data backup systems that are inexpensive and secure

Tip #3 – Differentiate your business with top notch customer service.

Friendly, responsive and fast customer satisfaction does two things: it keeps your customers coming back for more, and it builds your brand through word of mouth. Your reputation is priceless, so protect it vigorously. The following are all ways to build newsworthy service:

  • Offer quality products or services, and value laden pricing strategies
  • Form relationships with your customers and know what they want from you
  • Use customer complaints as a springboard to institute changes that foster good will